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Earn More Money by Using Adf ly Autocliker Bot - 2014 gives you a chance to earn money if you have a well attended website. (10,000 clicks = 5.00$) You shorten links and share them. For each click you earn money, because the visitor has to wait 5 seconds before getting forwarded and gets an ad displayed. 

Of course not everbody makes 10,000 visitors per day. If you still want to earn some cash, take a look at this Bot.

You need: An account + many proxies (see below)

At first we need many many proxies, because each proxy can only be used one time per 24 hours but we still want to make quick money. So we need one proxy per one visitor. I recommend this website or this huge proxylist. Now that you've got some proxies, create a new .txt-file and paste them in there - 1 proxy for each line - then save.
Now login into your account and create some random links. Open the Bot and rightclick in the blank field, then click "Add Links". Repeat this for every link you created.
It's time to add the proxies: Check the "Enable Proxies" box and click the button to select your created .txt-file with the proxylist.
Select a delay and reset time: The minimum of delay time is 30 seconds, because less would lead to a ban of your account.

There's no secret about this simple app, it just takes a proxy, then visits your links - waits your selected delay time - and takes the next one. The more proxies and links you have, the more money you'll earn.
Happy cashing! :)

Known problems:

"The bot says I made 100 clicks but didn't count any click" - No fear, refreshes their servers after 2 hours so just wait and after max. 2 hours the clicks are counted.
"The bot says I made 100 clicks but did only count some of them" - This means some of your proxies don't work, so take some new ones


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